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Lucky Gonk (General)

Lucky Gonk (General)

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Lucky Charm

These cute, whimsical pocket-sized mascots are a fun gift or souvenir for all ages and for all kinds of occasions - whether a new job, new school term, holiday moment or just because! With a wide range of names and mottos to suit everyone! 


  • A fun gift, lucky charm, or keepsake for all kinds of occasions. 
  • With a metallic ball chain and bell that can be used to attach the gonk to a pencil case, key ring or backpack. 
  • The squishy body of the gonk means that it can also sit on a desk or windowsill. 
  • Pre-personalised with a range of fun themes, mottos and slogans. 
  • Each gonk also has an inspirational message on the tag. 


  • Measures approx. 13cm 
  • Soft squishy gonk body, name or motto embroidered on the hat and a silver chain for use as a keyring
  • The gonks are pre-personalised and cannot be changed


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