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Eco Bath Natural Pumice Stone

Eco Bath Natural Pumice Stone

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Love Beauty, Love Nature 

A natural way to soften and remove dry, hard skin, a pumice stone is an ideal addition to your pedicure. Perfect for keeping your feet in good condition, a pumice stone is a handy addition to your foot care routine. 


  • Make your bath time eco-friendly with this fantastic range of eco-friendly bath and self-care products, great for your skin and the environment. 
  • Exfoliate and remove stains, corns, and calluses. 
  • On a Eco Bath London rope for easy storage and care. 
  • Contains no artificial dyes or colouring, making this the perfect eco-friendly choice. 

Product Details 

  • Natural grey pumice made using volcanic stone
  • Circle the foot and heal to file and remove excess skin 
  • Rinse the pumice stone after use 
  • Designed and developed in London, UK
  • Brand: Eco Bath London 'Love Beauty, Love Nature'